1. When can students register for the NC Region 3A Science and Engineering Fair? Registration will open on 12/1/17 and close on 1/26/2018.  This year students will use a new online registration tool.  The address will be posted here by 12/1/2017.

2. What is the registration fee? The fee to register a project entry in the fair is $30.

3.  Who can participate in the regional science and engineering fair? Students in grades 3-12 who have been judged winners in a science and engineering fair held in their school district or neighborhood school can attend.  Students in grades 3-5 participate in the Elementary Level; students in grades 6-8 participate in the Junior Level; students in grades 9-12 participate in the Senior Level.

4. If the student’s school or school district does not have a pre-qualifying fair, can a student participate in the Regional Fair? Yes, the student must ask the principal or a science teacher to sponsor his/her entry; the student will be representing the school.

5. What are the categories students are allowed to use to register their projects? All Elementary students register in the “Elementary” category.   For Junior and Senior level students, the 7 categories are: Physics, Chemistry, Earth/Environmental, Technology, Engineering, Biological Sciences A (Animal Science, Microbiology, Medicine & Health Science), Biological Sciences B (Biochemistry, Plant Sciences, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Behavioral Sciences).  For more information about the categories, read the information here

6. How many students from one school can participate in the regional fair?

At the Elementary Level, the top 10 students from the school may register in the Elementary category.  In the Junior Level, there are 7 categories and the limit is 3 entries per category.  In the Senior Level there are 7 categories and the limit is 3 entries per category.

7. Are students allowed to collaborate on a project? Yes; three is the maximum number of students who may collaborate on one project.

8. Can a project be registered in more than one category? No.

9. If a team of two or three student has collaborated on a project, does each member need to register individually? Only one project registration is required per team; the names of all team members must be included on that registration.

10. Are there rules governing tri-fold displays? The NC Region 3A Science and Engineering Fair follows the Display and Safety Regulations used by the statewide fair and ISEF  (International Science and Engineering Fair).  For more information go to www.ncsciencefair.org/index.php/students-a-parents/rules/display-regulations

11. Which forms does a student need to complete? All participants are required to submit the proper ISEF forms. Please use the Science Fair Rules Wizard to determine the forms needed to submit. For more information about ISEF forms, please view The ISEF Rules and Guidelines

12. As early as possible, the Region 3A Planning Committee asks school science fair coordinators to use this form to indicate their students plan to participate

13. Where can I find the “access code” for my school to complete the registration process?  www.ncwise.org/documents/contact_us/NCWISE_Schools.pdf

14. Where can students eat?  No food will be served at the high school, however students can bring food to eat in the cafeteria and students can leave the campus to go to a restaurant.  In 2017 two food trucks will be selling food at designated locations on the campus.