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The NC Science and Engineering Fair is completely run by volunteers. Your help is needed in many ways to insure that the event is a success. Sign up to help out!

Volunteers can assist in the following areas:

Prior to the NCSEF

Scientific Review Committee (SRC)/Institutional Review Board (IRB) Member
This Committee focuses on the review of students' research projects for safety issues and compliance with the ISEF rules and regulations prior to the fair. Prior training is required. Scientists, engineers, medical professionals, veterinarians, psychologists, counselors, teachers, and school administrators are needed. The Committee works to improve all SRC/IRB processes and forms during the summer and fall. In February and March it meets on selected Saturdays to conduct the SRC reviews of all student research projects for compliance with ISEF rules and regulations. For additional information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Display and Safety Check Supervisors (Fri night and Sat morning ~ 10)
Scientists, engineers, and educators needed to supervise other volunteers who perform the Display and Safety Checks for participants. Prior training is required and it provided at Meredith College in advance of the competition. Need one person per room on Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. Can work in shifts.

Sponsorships and Exhibitors
This Committee will provide leadership in coordinating the identification of and interaction with promising NCSEF/NCSFF sponsors and exhibitors. In addition to individual and corporate sponsorships, the Committee will seek other grant and philanthropic initiatives aligned with the program needs of the NCSEF/NSFF to advance student and teacher engagement in student-led STEM research. During the NCSEF, this Committee will also support the Exhibitors area.

Media, Marketing, and Public Relations
This Committee will provide leadership in advancing a strategic communication plan for the NCSFF/NCSEF with a focus on the NCSEF website and promoting the success of the NCSEF students, teachers, and other partners. Increasing engagement with the electronic media and print media will be a priority for this Committee.

Day of the NCSEF

Display and Safety Check (Fri night and Sat morning ~ 10 Fri ~25 Sat)
Will review students' project set-up for compliance with rules and regulations. Need several individuals for each room (content area). Training will be provided prior to the fair. Will work in shifts on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

General Volunteer (Sat ~ 10-15 at all times)
Will be able to work as needed for the Fair. Can work in shifts during the fair. No preference in positions.

Registration Assistants (Fri night and Sat morning ~ 4 at each shift)
Will help check in students, sell t-shirts, and provide fair information to participants. Can work 2-3 hour shifts beginning on Friday at 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm and on Saturday, 6:30 am until 9:30 am. A few people will be needed later on Saturday to sell t-shirts and assist with information.

Photographers (Sat ~ 2 at all times)
Need photographs of students registering, setting up projects, standing at their projects, and during their interviews with judges. Slide shows will be shown at award ceremonies. Also need photos of winners at award ceremonies for web site and sponsors of awards.

Judging Assistants (Sat ~ 10 total – 3 needed during registration, one needed throughout the day, three needed as runners during the turn in period ~12-3 p.m.)
Will assist in registering judges, delivering information to judges and to awards committee, provide assistance to Judging Coordinator as needed. Saturday only.

Room Monitors (Sat ~25)
Individuals are needed to supervise the rooms during the interview portion of the judging. They will be monitoring students in the rooms. Can work shifts for the day.

Ceremony Preparation and Set Up (Sat ~10)
Assist Ceremony Chairs with set up of the Awards ceremonies, taking photos of projects for ceremony slideshows, arrange awards in Jones Auditorium. Greet students and families as they arrive at the ceremony, pass out programs, direct students during the ceremony.

Award Preparation and Distribution (Sat ~10)
Individuals are needed to enter the awards into the computer system, print certificates, take awards to ceremonies, and assist as needed with distribution of awards.

Clean-up (Sat ~20)
Take down and reset Meredith space to original layout.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.