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  • To advance science education and student achievement in North Carolina;
  • To increase K-12 student interest in and attraction to science and encourage more students to become involved in and become successful in science related careers;
  • To organize, finance, and run the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair (NCSEF);
  • To build a strong coalition of interested partners to support NCSFF;
  • To maintain an affiliation with the International Science and Engineering Fair;
  • To provide financial support for students and educators while they attend International Science and Engineering Fairs as representatives of the NCSEF;
  • To improve community perception of science, provide recognition of talented students and dedicated teachers committed to excellence in science education;
  • To support the development of appropriate curriculum materials and conduct teacher development workshops so as to improve the quality of science education;
  • To conduct science fair workshops for North Carolina;
  • To provide connections between science research projects and the requirements of the NC Standard Course of Studies;
  • To solicit scholarships and awards from North Carolina colleges, universities, and corporations for NC Science and Engineering Fair participants;
  • To provide Science Fair information/resources to teachers, parents and students in North Carolina;
  • To support the regional science fairs in North Carolina;
  • To secure funding to advance the objectives on a non-profit, charitable basis;
  • To maintain the non-profit status of NCSFF for such purposes and meet the highest legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities;
  • To invest, manage, expend, disperse, or otherwise handle funds for NCSFF;
  • And to do any and all other things necessary or proper in connection with or incidental to any of the foregoing.